Associate Engineer, Electrical (1) Post

Work Location : Thilawa

Purpose/ Mission

  • To assist the Operational Planning program for the Electrical, Instrument and High voltage discipline, through to Hot commissioning.
  • To help build a culture of excellence in Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Teamwork.
  • To strive for cost effective solutions to minimize the future Operational cost base.

Requirements/ Skills/ Experience

  • Strong ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple tasks.
  • Strong ability to communicate with a workforce where English is not the first language.
  • Proactive, well organized and continuously striving for an exciting efficient approach.
  • Desire to learn High Voltage switching. (33KV)
  • Desire to learn Siemens PLC programming, S7-400.
  • Desire to learn Instrumentation and process control. VFAC drives, Induction heating, X-Ray control and maintenance in all equipment
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering or similar discipline

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About JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel

JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel (JMCS) is a joint venture between JFE Steel, JFE Shoji, Marubeni-Itochu Steel and Hanwa. These distinguished international companies have shared resources to jointly design, construct and operate a world-class metal coating and colour coating facility located in the Thilawa SEZ, Yangon. JMCS products are specially formulated for the Myanmar climate to satisfy modern construction requirements. By delivering longer lasting and consistent quality coated steel, JMCS helps to increase the durability of your projects.

Together with our customers, employees and partners, JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel will deliver high quality coated steel for the building and construction sector, to help build the Myanmar of tomorrow.

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