JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel’s CEO , Mr. Hagiyama Eiji

JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel is a Yangon-based steel manufacturer, specializing in high-quality coated steel sheets primarily for the building and construction. Since the establishment in 2017, the company had been operating under the name of JFE MERANTI, and in May 2024 changed the name to JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel.

Steel has played an essential role to support the development of the society and the growth of global economy in modern times. We believe that this role will not change in the future and Myanmar is a country with plentiful opportunities to develop and grow.

Our mission is “Together with our customers, employees and partners, JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel will deliver high-quality coated steel for the building and construction sector, to help build the Myanmar of Tomorrow”.

We, JFE MYANMAR Coated Steel, pledge to build strong relationships with all the stakeholders for the better future of Myanmar.