May 10, 2019

Last year, we were students from Technological University (Thanlyin), and our company gave us a chance to work in JFE Meranti even though we lacked experience.  At first, we were not very confident and did not know how to work with our upcoming jobs because we were not familiar with a lot of electrical equipment and devices. Therefore, we had not enough skills to decide the electrical work with our own knowledge easily because most of electrical work that we face every day is dangerous.


As electrical engineers, we must know a lot about electrical safety, equipment and component function and their usage very well. Therefore, our company provided us training at Uniteam. During the training, we got a lot of knowledge and experiences not only dealing with our electrical equipment but also dealing with hydraulic systems. At the same time, the instructors have many experiences and shared their knowledge and experience not only on theoretical but also on practical. Due to that, we were more familiar with the industrial electrical and hydraulic systems. And the best thing is we worked together as a team by supporting, helping each other, sharing our visions and discussing in an open-minded way. We have solved many problems together and we were very happy and got confident to work and know how to work as a team.


Moreover, our creations and thinking skills were improved on how to find the right information and solve the problems. In addition to that we can link the theories to practical and we have been well-trained starting from the basic level to approaching the problems systematically; therefore, we believe we can learn easily for further high technology and solve the problems. Therefore, we are very thankful to instructors from the Uniteam Training Center and specially thank JFE Meranti Myanmar, our operation planning team and CEO for giving us this great opportunity. Our company has a lot of well-experienced staff and are giving fresh graduates the best chance to improve. Therefore, we are very happy to work together with JFE Meranti Myanmar.


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