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JFE MERANTI’s Coated Steel Heralds a New Myanmar Industry

September 26, 2019

26th September 2019

JFE MERANTI Myanmar Co., Ltd.


Their First Product, ALZU®, Combines European Technology and Japanese Expertise


Yangon – This December, JFE MERANTI Myanmar Co., Ltd. (JMM) will bring to market its first locally- produced coated steel product under the name ALZU®. Intended for both local sales and export, ALZU® will be available for pre-order in September 2019.


ALZU® is one of JMM’s premium 55% Aluminum-Zinc alloy-coated and colour-coated steel products, available with high-quality AZ70 and AZ100 coatings. ALZU® steel is designed and manufactured by JMM in Myanmar for use in roofing, walling, and other related applications for a variety of industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional projects.


“Myanmar’s economy is evolving rapidly and has huge growth potential, but the country needs good infrastructure and building materials to support it,” said JMM’s CEO Dr. Sebastian Langendorf. “Many new buildings will need to be created, and old ones will need to be renovated or replaced. In order to play a key role in building the Myanmar of the future, JFE MERANTI® is introducing ALZU®, a durable coated steel product that is suitable for the Myanmar climate, so developers can create buildings with long-lasting integrity.”


JFE MERANTI Myanmar Co., Ltd. is a USD 85 million subsidiary owned by a Singapore-based holding company whose largest stakeholder is Japan-based JFE Steel, one of the world’s leading integrated steel producers with branches and affiliates across the globe. JMM’s first representative office in Myanmar opened in January 2018, in the industrial centre of Mayangone Township, Yangon.


To stand out among both local and foreign competitors in the steel industry, JMM adheres to a set of principles including reliable supply, consistent quality, a low minimum order requirement, short lead times, a product performance warranty, and superior technical support. JMM is able to deliver these by manufacturing locally, employing experienced engineers, cultivating an understanding of the local market, selling directly to local industries, and emphasizing long-term customer satisfaction.


JMM will produce ALZU® steel at its new hot-dip galvanizing facility, equipped with European processing machinery, located in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, 23 km southeast of Yangon. Production of the colour coating line will begin in December 2019, while the metal coating line is set for the first half of 2020. ALZU’s metal alloy coating uses an interlaced mesh of Aluminium and Zinc to achieve excellent corrosion resistance with an attractive surface appearance. The Zinc-rich areas are the first line of defence in protecting the steel substrate, followed by the second-line Aluminium-rich layer.


Following ALZU®, JMM plans to begin production of three additional painted and metal-coated steel products for launch in 2020. It expects to soon become Myanmar’s largest producer of coated steel.


“We believe that leading the way with coated steel in Myanmar will allow the industry to develop into a powerful force for the nation’s development,” Dr. Langendorf said. “Sustainable production is of particular importance to us and we are using world-class regenerative processes in our production. And by hiring and training locals for skilled positions, substituting imported steel, and providing high-quality locally produced coated steel, we plan to help secure Myanmar’s bright economic and industrial future.  For us, for the industry, and for Myanmar, the launch of ALZU® is just the beginning.”




About JFE MERANTI® – JFE MERANTI Myanmar (JMM) is a joint venture of JFE Steel, Meranti Steel, JFE Shoji, Marubeni-Itochu Steel, and Hanwa. These distinguished international companies have shared resources to jointly design, construct and operate a world-class metal coating and colour coating facility located in Zone B of the Thilawa SEZ, Yangon. JMM products are specially formulated for the Myanmar climate to satisfy modern construction requirements. By delivering longer-lasting and consistent quality coated steel, JMM helps to increase the durability of your projects.




Thilawa Office           – Lot BC1, Industrial Area Zone B, Thilawa Special Economic Zone, Yangon