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Scholarship & Internship Awarding Ceremony with TTU

June 15, 2018

On Thursday, June 14th of 2018, JFE Meranti Myanmar (JMM) and Technological University Thanlyin (TTU) held their first awarding ceremony to commence the previously signed Educational Cooperation Agreement. The agreement provides initiatives that will advance the educational and developmental interests of both parties. These programs give opportunities to students to develop skills learned in the classroom, expand their knowledge through related work experience, and to gain international steel industry expertise for their future working careers within Myanmar.


The ceremony was attended by the students and teaching staff of TTU, the lead management team of JMM, and other distinguished guests from other universities and government departments. U Soe Nandar, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of JMM and the ceremony’s host, commenced the ceremony with an introduction to JMM and TTU.


The first speech was given by the Rector of TTU, Dr. Thein Gi. She congratulated the students on receiving scholarships and internships that will help lessen their financial burdens so that they can focus on their studies to attain their career goals. She also stated that even though the awards are bond-free, she hoped that “our scholars will contribute back to the national development.”


The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director (CEO & MD) of JMM, Dr. Sebastian Langendorf, took to the stage to express his enthusiasm for the program and the beneficial exchanges between the two organizations. Dr. Langendorf stated his gratitude to TTU for their support, interest and trust in JMM. He then welcomed the awardees to the JFE Meranti family and shared with them some advice to ensure their internships yield fruitful results. The key advice from Dr. Langendorf was for the awardees to maintain their passion, courage, and resilience to overcome challenges that will arise when they are in a new and demanding environment.


The ceremony continued with the presentation of certificates to the awardee students, including two scholarships for year 5 students in Electrical Power Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and six internships for year 6 students in the disciplines of Electrical Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Informational Technology Engineering, and Architecture.


The ceremony ended with a speech by one of the internship awardees, Mr. Arkar Win, describing his appreciation and enthusiasm for the acknowledgement, “I am happy for my fellow classmates and I am very honoured to receive this opportunity. I am excited to be associated with an international company such as JMM and will do my best to learn from this internship to make my family and university proud.”


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Organizational Background:


JFE Meranti Myanmar was founded in 2017, under the joint venture between JFE Steel, Meranti Steel, JFE Shoji, Marubeni-Itochu and HANWA.


The joint venture marked the beginning of a US$85 million project, with the goal of building and operating a production facility in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone. The JMM production line will include a galvanizing line of approximately 180,000 tpa capacity and a colour coating line of approximately 90,000 tpa capacity.


JMM recognizes the rapid development in Myanmar, accompanied by the growing need for better building materials. Together with its customers, employees, and partners, JMM will deliver high quality coated steel for the building and construction sector, to help build the Myanmar of tomorrow.




Technological University Thanlyin has been educating students since January 1986 and was upgraded to the university level in 2007. At present, TTU has nine Departments offering nine Engineering Programmes: Civil, Electronic, Electrical Power, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Chemical, Petroleum, Information Technology and Architecture.


TTU currently has a total of nearly 5,000 engineering students and 285 teaching staff. TTU firmly believes that people are its most valuable assets and has therefore committed itself to the people centred management philosophy. The TTU faculty personnel are of the highest caliber and equipped with high-quality working experience. Coupled with stringent selections, excellent training grounds and exemplary foresight, Technological University Thanlyin is proud to convey that it has attracted and retained a talented and knowledgeable team.


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Scholarship & Internship Awarding Ceremony with TTU